Do you have a tin flue stack sticking out of the top of your house? Is it getting old and rusty? If your chimney system is in good shape, but is somewhat of an eyesore, The Chimney Guy may have the solution for you. FlexiBrick enclosures offer a way to make your home more attractive, while still allowing your chimney pipe to function.

What is FlexiBrick?

FlexiBrick is a chimney enclosure system that mimics a real brick chimney. With FlexiBrick, we can custom design a light, cheap, chimney flue cover that looks so much like a real chimney, that even the most critical eye will never be able to tell the difference.

How does FlexiBrick work?

FlexiBrick works by creating a faux chimney out of four insulated “finger-joint” panels. These panels are lightweight and can easily be cut to fit any roof. Once FlexiBrick is assembled and put together, it simply slides over your chimney pipe. The top is left open to allow for proper ventilation of your chimney flue pipe.

Do I have any design options?

Variety is the spice of life and the same goes for your chimney’s design. FlexiBrick comes in three brick sizes with seven brick color options and four mortar color options. With so many options, you can create about any chimney design you would like. The best part is that FlexiBrick is indistinguishable from real brick, making it impossible to tell that your chimney isn’t real. FlexiBrick chimneys also come with the option to install a stainless steel chimney cap on top for an extra layer of protection from blowing leaves and critters.

Does FlexiBrick only work with chimney flue pipes?

Flexi brick isn’t just for chimney flue pipes. They can also be designed to fit over your brick or metal chimneys as long as the existing chimney flue pipe is still in good working condition. If you are not sure if FlexiBrick is an option for your house, let The Chimney Guy come for an inspection and determine if it is an option.

We know that you love your house and you want it to look as attractive as possible. Don’t let an old chimney pipe get in the way of having a perfect house. If you feel like FlexiBrick is something that you would like to try, please contact The Chimney Guy and have one of our CSIA certified chimney technicians come over today to inspect your chimney flue to see if FlexiBrick is an option for you.