Your chimney and fireplace were constructed to stand the test of time. However, constant exposure to heat, moisture, freezing temperatures, and wind are causing your masonry chimney and fireplace to deteriorate over time. When you have noticed that your bricks and mortar are starting to crumble or loosen, you may think that this is the beginning of the end for your chimney and fireplace.

However, The Chimney Guy wants you to know that there are some options available to save your masonry. We have a crew of chimney professionals who are trained in performing the latest tuckpointing and brick replacement techniques. With the help of our masonry experts, we can have your masonry looking like new again in no time.


spalling masonry chimneyMortar is the cement-like substance that holds your brickwork together, and it holds your masonry together. Without mortar, your chimney would not be standing. This makes it one of the most crucial components of your masonry. If you have noticed that the mortar between your brickwork is crumbling, a technique called tuckpointing is a must for repair as soon as possible.

Tuckpointing, sometimes called repointing, involves carefully grinding away old and crumbling mortar from between your bricks and replacing it with new mortar. Replacing mortar not only makes your masonry look better, but it restrengthens it as well. If we only have to perform tuckpointing on a portion of your masonry, our masons will make sure to perfectly match the color of your new mortar with the old. Tuckpointing is a difficult technique, and it is crucial that only an expert mason performs it on your masonry.

Brick Replacement

If you see cracked, crumbling, or loose bricks, they must be replaced. Loose bricks weaken the overall structure of your fireplace and can be a hazard as well. If you have cracked, crumbling, or loose brickwork, replacing the bricks in your fireplace is the best course of action. Similar to tuckpointing, it is important to have an experienced mason for this job. If a brick replacement is not done correctly, bricks can quickly pop out of place. Oftentimes, when installing new bricks, it can be hard to match the color perfectly. However, our masonry experts at The Chimney Guy have the resources to find a brick that will match your current masonry.

You don’t have to live with a cracking or crumbling fireplace or chimney. Our expert masons at The Chimney Guy can have your masonry looking like new again in no time. If you think that your fireplace and chimney could benefit from tuckpointing or brick replacement, don’t hesitate to call The Chimney Guy today at 920-830-1920, or schedule an appointment online today. We look forward to serving you!