A lot of people think that during the summer they can take a break from paying attention to chimney and fireplace maintenance. However, there are a lot of maintenance issues that can arise within your chimney system, even when your chimney is not in use. The Chimney Guy want to make sure that your chimney is staying in tip-top shape through the summer so that it will be ready for use when colder weather arrives in the fall.

There are a number of things that you need to pay attention to during the summer to keep make sure your chimney is staying well maintained in the summer:

An annual inspection

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First and foremost, if you haven’t had your chimney inspected this year, summer is the perfect time to do it. Oftentimes, we are less busy in the summer. This means that if you call us for an annual inspection, we should have a lot of flexibility in regards to scheduling a convenient time for you. When we get busy in the fall, our scheduling time slots fill up quickly, meaning it might be harder to schedule your inspection at a time that works for you.


Summer climate brings an array of potential threats. Rain, hail, and high winds can all contribute to chimney wear and tear. Oftentimes, if your chimney is not protected from summer rain, moisture can seep into tiny pores located in your chimney masonry and pool in your brick and mortar. When temperatures outside freeze in the fall and winter, these pools will also freeze and quickly expand, causing damage to your masonry from the inside out. Masonry damage is expensive to fix, so making sure your chimney is protected from rain should be a top priority. Other summer weather-related issues include high winds and hail damaging chimney components such as your chimney cap or top-sealing damper. It is important to make sure that you keep an eye on your chimney during the summer to make sure no chimney components are out of place, dented, or missing.


Chimneys make the perfect location for a lot of animals to build a nest. If you have a missing or damaged chimney cap, animals can easily enter your chimney and build a nest there. This can cause issues with blockages in your chimney system. If there is poor airflow when you are trying to build a fire, it can lead to poor fires and prevent smoke from leaving your home. Animals nests are often made of leaves, sticks, and other organic matter. If a nest gets hot enough, it can combust, causing a chimney fire. The best way to prevent animal nesting in your chimney is to make sure that you have a functional chimney cap that is well attached to your chimney and free from holes.

Be sure to keep your chimney well maintained throughout the summer. If you notice any leaking, masonry issues, or chimney cap damage, getting is fixed now will prevent issues when you begin to use your fireplace again in the fall. Call Green Bay and the Fox Valley’s number one chimney sweep, The Chimney Guy, at 920-830-1920, or scheduling an appointment online today to make sure your chimney is well maintained this summer. We look forward to serving you!