Spring has sprung, meaning it’s the best time to schedule a chimney inspection to see if your masonry needs any repairs. There are reasons why spring brings masonry repairs. A good portion of your chimney is on the outside of your home where it is exposed to the elements that diminish your masonry’s integrity over time. We here at The Chimney Guy want to help you understand the causes of masonry damage and what we can do to repair it.

Causes of Masonry Damage

Moisture is the main cause of most masonry damage. When it rains and snows, moisture can settle on your masonry and eventually seep into little pores in your brickwork and mortar. Once in the masonry, this moisture can accumulate and eventually pool. Pooled water can dissolve your masonry over time, but most masonry damage happens in the winter when this water freezes and expands. Ice can damage your masonry, causing it to crumble, crack, and pop out of place. That’s why spring is a good time to check for masonry issues when there is no longer a fear of freezing weather.

Although it is exposed, much of your masonry is also protected because of the way your chimney is designed. Every chimney system should be designed with a chimney cap, a chimney crown, and flashing to protect your masonry. If one of these protective components is damaged, your masonry may be at an increased risk of moisture intrusion and, therefore, masonry damage.

Masonry Repair

Before we can start to repair your masonry, we need to determine what is causing the masonry issue in the first place. Moisture can enter your masonry in many ways, however, there are ways to prevent masonry issues as well. We discussed the protective components earlier and if one of these components is damaged, it needs to be repaired.

We here at The Chimney Guy are also expert masons and can repair almost any type of masonry issue that you might have. Whether your mortar joints are crumbling, your bricks are cracking, or masonry is crumbling, we can fix it. We can even rebuild parts of your chimney if needed.

We here at The Chimney Guy are the best in the business when it comes to masonry repair. Now that the weather is getting warmer, it is time to start thinking about scheduling a masonry inspection to see how well it handled the winter. If you think that you might need a masonry inspection, please call The Chimney Guy today at 920-830-1920 or by scheduling an appointment online.