Spring has sprung and soon people will be spending time outdoors and enjoying the balmy Wisconsin spring weather. At the Chimney Guy, our chimney technicians also know how to enjoy the nice weather with exterior chimney inspections. The snow is almost gone so this is the perfect time to schedule an outdoor chimney inspection with the Chimney Guy. A lot of people know that the inside of the chimney needs to be inspected. However, it is also important that the outside of your chimney is also inspected as well.

What Will an Exterior Inspection Consist Of?

An exterior chimney inspection is much like an interior chimney inspection, and often, they will take place at the same time. An exterior inspection takes place on the outside of your home. A chimney technician will inspect any part of your chimney that is exposed to the outdoors. Like an interior inspection, a technician will look for cracks and loose bricks in the masonry as well as signs of water damage and deterioration.

An exterior chimney inspection will also have other components as well. A technician will look to see if the chimney is bending or curving. A bent or curved chimney is a sign of bad footing meaning that the chimney wasn’t built on a solid foundation. This can cause the chimney to eventually separate from the house and even collapse.

The technician will also go on the roof to inspect the chimney crown for any cracks, holes, or other damage. They will make sure that the chimney cap has been properly installed and is still functioning. While they are on the roof, they will also check the flashing and make sure the chimney has proper clearance above the roof. Finally, the inside of the chimney will be inspected from above for nests, leaves, or other debris that may be clogging your chimney.

The technician may also look at the surrounding vegetation to see if there are any current or future hazards. The technician will point out any current issues with vegetation growing too close to your chimney and may make suggestions about younger trees and bushes that may become a hazard in the future.

CSIA-certified Inspections

Exterior chimney inspections are just as important as interior inspections and should be completed annually. Only Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney technicians have the experience and the training to conduct a thorough and safe chimney inspection. Put your trust in The Chimney Guy’s CSIA-certified team and schedule your chimney inspection today by calling 920-830-1920 or schedule an appointment online today.