Fall is here and the weather is just starting to get cooler. This means that in no time, you will be ready for sitting around a warm cozy fire with your loved ones. If you own a gas fireplace, you may think that all that needs to be done is to flip a switch and turn your fireplace back on. However, although gas fireplaces are generally  lower maintenance than wood-burning units, they still need to be inspected. In fact, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) both recommend having your gas fireplace serviced at least annually. Annual inspections are critical in determining if your fireplace and chimney need cleaning and if your fireplace will even operate correctly when you try to turn it on. Here at The Chimney Guy, we are experts in fireplace and chimney maintenance of all kinds and can help you determine if your fireplace will be ready for you when the cold winds of fall and winter begin to blow.Service Your Gas Fireplace - Green Bay WI - The Chimney Guy

What do we look for during an inspection?

During a gas fireplace inspection, we will first check to make sure everything is clean. Although gas burning appliances produce less in terms of byproduct, they can still cause buildups within your chimney. We will also check to make sure ceramic logs and fireplace glass are clean. Dirty or dusty logs can cause an increase in chimney buildup.

We will make sure that there are no clogs in your ventilation. Birds and animals like to nest in vent systems in the spring and summer months, so even if your vents were cleared last time you had an inspection, it may have been clogged during the off season. Vent clogs are very dangerous because they can push toxic gases back into your home, or even start a fire.

Finally, we will check to make sure that all the components of your gas burner are functioning. You don’t ever want to take for granted that the equipment in your gas fireplace is operating correctly. Over time, there is potential for valves and connectors to wear out and develop leaks. Your thermopile and thermocouple will also be checked to see if it’s worn out or in need of cleaning. We will also to make sure your ceramic logs are positioned correctly so that your burner will work the way it’s supposed to when lit. All these things need to be checked to ensure that your fireplace will fire up when you want to. It’s also important, because if your fireplace is leaking, it could lead to an explosion, or to toxic carbon monoxide exposure.

Don’t wait until the fall rush is here! We have open appointment slots, but once the cold weather comes, they fill up fast! Call The Chimney Guy at (920) 830-1920, or you can schedule an appointment online on our scheduling page. We look forward to making sure your gas fireplace is ready to operate when cold weather arrives.