Cut Down On Energy Waste & Kill Two Birds With One Stone With A Top-Closing Damper

Is your throat damper rusted shut or broken? Has creosote hardened along your throat damper and made closing and opening it a real chore? Why not replace your old throat damper with a new damper that will do the job of both a traditional damper and a chimney cap and provide energy savings? Chim-a-lator-top closing dampers do just that.

These dampers, unlike traditional dampers, are attached to the top of the flue, just as a chimney cap would be. Because of this location, they’re actually able to close off the flue at the top (as opposed to the bottom) and offer the flue superior protection against chimney leaks and animal and bird intruders.

When the fireplace is in use, you simply use the handle inside your firebox to open up the damper, and when it’s not in use, you simply use the handle to close it. These dampers also feature six different settings, allowing you to easily control the amount of draft during a fire.

When closed, top-closing dampers act as a chimney cap, keeping your flue clean and free of obstructions, while also sealing off the flue and reducing down drafts and conditioned air loss. Additionally, these dampers can greatly reduce outside noise (like airplanes) so you can enjoy a more peaceful home environment.

Top closing chimney damper

Chim-A-Lator Top-Sealing Dampers Offer Long-Lasting Protection – Guaranteed

When you invest in a new chimney damper, you want to be sure the investment is worth it and that you’re not coughing up money for something that’s going to need to be replaced next burn season. Chim-a-lator top-sealing dampers are 100% stainless steel, so you can expect a long service life  (in fact, they carry a Lifetime Warranty) and sleek beauty, year after year.

Wondering about safety? Chim-a-lator top-closing dampers are chimney fire tested and will not fall down into the flue and create a blockage in such a situation.

If you’d like to learn more about Chim-a-lator top -closing dampers or you’d like to have your chimney cap and throat damper replaced by a Chim-a-lator, give The Chimney Guy a call at 920-830-1920. Our chimney experts can answer any questions you may have and make sure you get the chimney protection you need. Call or request an appointment online today!

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