Whatever Hearth Accessory You Need To Make Your Fireside Easier, More Beautiful, & More Enjoyable – We’ve Got It!

Inevitably, the temperatures will drop and we’ll start spending more and more time inside trying to get warm. Those of us lucky enough to have a fireplace or stove to cozy up in front of will likely start enjoying more and more nights by the fireside – but is your fireside experience everything it can and should be?

Fireplace rug with pattern we have all the accessories you need
We have many hearth original stone to choose from
Cast Iron dragon on stove
Cre-Away to clean your stove and chimney
We have all kinds of fire starters
Everyone needs a Looflighter to start their fire resembles a curling iron

Those of us here at The Chimney Guy want to ensure that your fireplace and stove remain beautiful, fire after fire, and that you have all the hearth accessories you need to get a roaring and relaxing fire going quickly and with minimal effort. That’s why we carry an array of hearth accessories here in our showroom designed to do just that. Some of the hearth accessories you’ll find here at The Chimney Guy include these products:

  • Lightning Nuggets – Lightning Nuggets are all-natural firestarters created from renewable resources and recycled paraffin wax. Made right here in the United States and designed to burn for at least 15 minutes, these little nuggets can make starting the fire effortless and fast. Use your lightning nuggets to get the fire going, whether you have a wood-burning stove, fireplace, or insert, a pellet stove, a corn stove, a firepit, a smoker, or another approved appliance. 
  • Looftlighter – Of course, you’ll need some way to light your fire, and it doesn’t get any better or easier than the Looftlighter. Looftlighter uses super-heated air to quickly ignite your fire and get it going. The eco-friendly Looftlighter can be used to ignite the charcoal in your grill or the wood in your fireplace or stove, and doesn’t make use of toxic chemicals or lighter fluid.
  • Stove Bright – Half of the joy of having a fire going is watching the dancing flames. But if your fireplace door or stove door glass is dirty and smoke-stained, you can kiss that beautiful view goodbye. Keep your glass clean with Stove Bright glass cleaner, which we proudly carry in our showroom. We also carry Stove Bright high-temperature paint, so if you’ve been wanting to paint your fireplace or surround, we have the products you need for a safe and beautiful finish.
  • Eldorado Stone & Realstone Systems – Looking to give your fireplace a fresh look? Eldorado Stone surrounds, mantel shelves, and hearths are beautiful and distinctive options for customizing your fireplace and adding the beauty and style it lacks. Looking for that real stone look? We also carry Realstone panels in a wide range of looks and styles. Enjoy the look of stone without the material costs, weight, or installation costs!

You’ll also find hearth rugs, deodorizers, hearth and home cleaners, steamers/humidifiers, temperature gauges, moisture meters, fireplace grates, room-to-room fans, fireplace tool sets, Cre-Away creosote remover, and stove pipe shams! Looking for fireplace doors and screens? Click here!

Looking for something else? Give The Chimney Guy a call! We carry just about every hearth accessory you could want or need and we’re confident we can help you find what you’re looking for. Call 920-830-1920 or reach out to us online today!

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