Looking To Customize & Protect Your Factory-Built Chimney? We Sell & Install Chases & Chase Covers!

Factory-built chimneys are increasingly popular options for homeowners for several reasons. For one, they’re typically more cost-effective than masonry chimneys. They’re also typically lighter weight, which opens up installation options. And since these types of chimneys are factory-tested for efficiency and safety, you know what you can expect from your new chimney system. But what about looks? Does opting for a factory-built chimney mean you’ll simply have a metal chimney jutting out of your roof? No!

Before very rusted crown and after chimney repair nice new steel crown - we do caps and covers as well

Customize Your Chimney’s Look With A Quality Chase

Here at The Chimney Guy, we proudly carry chimney chases in a variety of styles and aesthetics, so you can choose a design that fits with your home’s look and boosts your home’s curb appeal. From faux brick or stone to siding, we’re confident you’ll find a chase to surround, enhance, and protect your factory-built chimney. Just let us know what style and color you’re looking for! We’ll help you choose the perfect chase for your home and install it promptly and professionally.

Chase cover in need of repairs before and after new chase cover installation

Keep Your Factory-Built Chimney Protected With A Quality Chase Cover

We also proudly sell and install chase covers, which are the “crown” of the factory-built chimney world. These metal covers rest atop the chimney chase and prevent water, animals, and other intruders from accessing the chimney and causing damage. Having a high-quality chase cover professionally installed on your chimney chase is one of the best ways to protect your factory-built chimney from weather-related damage and prolong the service life of your new chimney. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to make sure your investment’s protected so you can enjoy your system, season after season.

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