Have you noticed water dripping down into your fireplace? Are there unsightly stains on your masonry? Are there unpleasant musty smells coming from your fireplace? All of these issues are related to water leaking into your chimney. The sights and smells associated with a leaky chimney can ruin the aesthetics of your home’s living areas. Furthermore, it can often be difficult to determine where chimney leaks originate from. We here at The Chimney Guy can help you with your leaky chimney. Our chimney and masonry experts have decades of experience fixing and maintaining chimney systems.

Why does my chimney leak?

There could be a wide range of problems causing your chimney to leak. One of the more common reasons is a defect or absence of the mechanisms created to keep water out of your chimney in the first place. These mechanisms include your chimney cap, chimney crown, and chimney flashing. Your chimney cap rests over the top of your chimney, preventing rain and snow from entering your chimney opening. In addition, the chimney crown deflects water from the top of the chimney and protects your masonry from water intrusion. Finally, your chimney flashing is designed to prevent water from flowing between the small gap between your chimney and roof. If either one of these chimney components are missing or compromised, it could cause some serious chimney leaking.

Another reason your chimney might be leaky is that there is damage to your masonry. Though it may not seem like it, your masonry is porous. This means water can get inside of your brickwork if it isn’t protected well enough. When moisture gets inside you brickwork, it can seep out in other places, creating stains and unpleasant odors. If water stays in your brickwork too long, it erodes the brickwork from the inside out. Furthermore, constant thawing and freezing can cause masonry to crack and crumble, increasing the likelihood of leaking.

We can help!

No matter what is causing your chimney to leak, we here at The Chimney Guy can help you. Our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) chimney technicians have seen it all when it comes to leaky chimneys and can diagnose and fix your chimney for you. We can replace missing or damaged chimney components designed to protect your chimney from the water. If you are having issues with water seeping into your masonry, our technicians use a product called ChimneySaver seal moisture out of your chimney, preventing stain and smells.

If you are having issues with your chimney, we can help you! Let one of our CSIA certified chimney experts inspect your chimney by scheduling an appointment online or calling The Chimney Guy at 920-830-1920!