Do you have a fireplace that’s a looks a worse for wear and doesn’t function properly? Have you ever thought about renovating it? There are many reasons that a fireplace can be a wonderful asset to your home. A fireplace creates a wonderful ambiance and brings comfort and warmth to you and your family on cold winter days. However, another benefit of a fireplace is that it can also add value to your home. We here at the Chimney Guy know there can be real value created in renovating that old chimney of yours and we would love to show you what we can do for you.

New Appliance

One of the best ways to bring new life to your fireplace is to install a new appliance into your firebox called an insert. An insert is an enclosed firebox that is inserted into your old firebox and uses your chimney to ventilate. Inserts can be gas, electric or wood fueled and are much more efficient than an open fireplace. Gas logs are another option, although less efficient. At the Chimney Guy, we have a wide variety of inserts or gas log sets that we can install for you.


At the Chimney Guy, we know that that fireplace design trends change. If you have an old fireplace that is out of style, let us help you design and rebuild a fireplace just for you. Your fireplace can look like new by replacing old fireplace materials with brick, granite, marble, stone or tile. The fireplace designs are almost endless and our expert designers can meet your fireplace needs.


Sometimes making your fireplace look like new is as simple as a good fireplace cleaning. Removing smoke stains from your masonry is sometimes the cheapest way to bring new life to an old fireplace. The Chimney Guy has the products and the know-how to remove even the toughest of stains from your fireplace.

Decorations and Accessories

The right accessory can also help bring new life to your fireplace. Replacing old and rusty metal components, such as fireplace screens, with new ones, can have a wonderful effect on your fireplace look. Additionally, you may want to add a new mantel shelf or hearth pad. Decorations such as steamers or hearth rugs can also add to your room’s ambiance.

There is nearly an endless combination of things that you can do to improve the look of your old fireplace. If you think you would be interested in a fireplace renovation, call the fireplace experts at The Chimney Guy at 920-830-1920 or request an appointment today!