Is your fireplace looking a little worn out? Is your fireplace masonry starting to crumble, creating a dangerous situation? If so, you may be thinking of rebuilding your fireplace. Fireplace rebuilds are a lot of work and require an expert mason who has training and experience with deconstructing and rebuilding a fireplace. You also need someone who is going to respect your time, living space, and budget as well. At The Chimney Guy, we have over 20 years of masonry experience. We draw off of this experience to turn your old worn fireplace into a beautiful appliance that you’ll be proud to show off in your home.Fireplace Rebuild Trust The Chimeny Guys! - Green Bay WI - The Chimney Guys

Rebuilding fireplaces from the inside out

When you think of your fireplace, you probably think of how it looks on the outside. Although home aesthetics is important, it is critical that the inside of your fireplace is functioning properly. The inside of your fireplace (often called the firebox) is where you build and host your fires. Because your firebox is exposed to extreme heat, it is very important that it shows no signs of cracking or crumbling. If the inside of your firebox is damaged, some of the heat from your fire can transfer into your home’s walls and framework, creating a hazardous situation. At The Chimney Guy, our chimney technicians have been trained and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) to identify and remediate any hazardous situations related to your fireplace. It is important to have someone who is CSIA certified working on your firebox because it takes a lot of experience to know which specialty materials and what techniques are used when repairing the firebox.

Fireplace Redesigning

If your firebox is functioning properly, but you’re just looking for a new look for your fireplace, we can help with that as well. Our masons can rebuild your historic fireplace to its original luster, or we can give your room a whole new look by totally redesigning your fireplace. Whether you want to work with stone, brick, or tile, our masons can work with you to determine a design that you’ll be happy with. As CSIA certified masons, we also take an oath to promise to always be upfront with our customers. This means that we will be honest when discussing our timeline and budget  with you and we won’t catch you off guard with hidden costs or fees. We also guarantee that our work will be mess-free, durable and up to your satisfaction standards.

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