A lot of people think that gas fireplaces require a lot less cleaning maintenance compared to wood burning fireplaces. This is true most of the time. However, periodic cleaning of the glass covers on your glass fireplace is necessary. Why? It helps avoid your glass getting cloudy and unappealing. That is why you should clean your gas fireplace glass at least twice a year!

How To Know Its Time To Clean

Have you never cleaned it? If not, you may have noticed that your gas fireplace glass is starting to form a white film on it. One of the times your glass is most vulnerable to developing a film? When your fireplace is brand new during the off-gassing phase. This phase is when the oils and paints used in the curing process of the internal gas fireplace components burn off. Afterwards, attaching themselves to condensation that forms on the glass. Gas fireplaces burn very clean. Unfortunately, minerals in the gas (mainly sulfur and calcium) may also deposit themselves on the glass. You will be able to tell your glass is starting to get dirty when you see a faint white film forming on your glass.

Preventing Mineral Build Up

Regular cleaning of your gas fireplace glass is the best way to prevent a film from appearing. Periodic cleaning can be done in home, but it is important that you use the correct materials and methods when clean the glass on your gas fireplace. First of all, you should never use an ammonia based cleaner such as window cleaner or oven cleaner on gas fireplace glass. This can cause permanent damage to your glass! Instead, use a cleaner specially designed for gas appliances. Glass cleaners such as Stove Bright® Gas Appliance Cleaner work well for cleaning gas fireplace glass, as long as you follow the recommended instruction. Also, try to use a soft cotton cloth when you are wiping you glass. Even something as abrasive as a paper towel may harm your glass.

We Can Help!

Your fireplace is a key element of your living space. Besides giving you warmth, it can create beauty and ambiance in your home. Dirty fireplace glass can lessen these effects though. We here at The Chimney Guy want you to have the best fireplace experience possible. If you ever have any issues or are unsure if you are cleaning your gas fireplace glass correctly, please contact us or stop by our showroom. We would love to help you keep your gas fireplace as beautiful as the day you bought it!