Masonry Chimney Looking Crummy? We Can Restore It With Our Expert Tuckpointing & Brick Replacement Services

Water, weather, age, and heat can all do damage to even the toughest masonry. As strong and durable as it is, brick and mortar can deteriorate, crack, and fall apart. The results can be devastating, not just aesthetically, but safety and efficiency-wise as well.

Is your chimney or fireplace looking dilapidated and run-down? The Chimney Guy can help.

Our team is expertly trained to perform beautiful and effective masonry repair work. Are there places on your chimney where water-logged brick is spalling, cracking, or discolored? Are the masonry joints between the brick receding, deteriorating, or riddled with insect holes? Whatever repairs your masonry chimney needs, you can count on The Chimney Guy to take care of it.

Tuckpointing and masonry before and after

We’re Tuckpointing Experts 

The mortar that holds the brick of your chimney together is strong and hardy, but unfortunately, it’s not impervious to damage. Insects can bore holes into the mortar, rain and weather can wear it down and cause it to crack and recede, and the settling of the home can cause it to crack. Unfortunately, when mortar is damaged, it’s unable to provide the strength and support the structure needs. In order to restore and reinforce the chimney, the old, damaged mortar must be very carefully removed and replaced with fresh mortar.

It’s absolutely imperative that this process be performed by an experienced professional who has the tools, materials, and skills to do the job right. Otherwise, you may end up with sloppy results that only work to further compromise your chimney’s safety and strength.

Here at The Chimney Guy, we’re proud to offer our customers quality tuckpointing services. We skillfully grind away old mortar (without damage to the surrounding brick) and replace it with mortar that matches in both look and makeup. When we’re done, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the look and strength of your chimney. 

Need Brick Replaced? We’ll Do It Right!

Just as your mortar can be damaged by weather, water, time, and the settling of the home, your brick can develop damage over time. Water can cause the face of the brick to pop off and can contribute to large and small cracks, as well as efflorescence and discoloration. Whether you have an entire section of brick in need of replacement or a brick here and there, we can help.

We’ll find new bricks that match your existing brick in color and composition, very carefully remove the old, damaged brick, and pack the new brick in its place. When we’re finished, you’ll be amazed at how seamless, beautiful, and strong the results are!

Is your chimney’s masonry in need of some attention? Call on the expert tuckpointing and brick replacement professionals here at The Chimney Guy! We’ll restore your chimney to its former glory! Call 920-830-1920 or fill out our online appointment form to get started!

A leaning or crumbling chimney may need a complete chimney rebuild, but don’t panic! Our experienced technicians are ready to take care of this and many other chimney repairs, so call us today.