Our Smoke Chamber Repairs Can Boost The Safety & Efficiency Of Your Chimney & Fireplace

Fireplace efficiency and safety largely depends on the condition of each chimney component – from the firebox all the way up to the chimney cap. But the smoke chamber, which is the upside down funnel located above the firebox and below the flue is one of the biggest factors in chimney safety and efficiency. This area is responsible for capturing the heat, smoke, and gases produced by the fire in the firebox and escorting them into the chimney flue so they can exit the home swiftly.

Why Should A Damaged Smoke Chamber Be Repaired?

The smoke chamber is designed in the shape of an upside down funnel and given a smooth surface to make it more effective at its job, but time and abuse can take a toll on the smoke chamber and leave it in shabby condition. Damage can range from cracks here and there to holes and rough and crumbling surfaces, all of which can allow heat, embers, smoke, and byproducts to come into contact with nearby combustibles and enter the air supply. Additionally, if the smoke chamber is rough and corbeled, it will cause resistance and slow down the exit of these byproducts. Is a damaged smoke chamber threatening the safety and efficiency of your chimney and fireplace? Let us help.

View up chimney after repair
Before and after smoke chamber repair

We Can Restore Your Smoke Chamber With The Industry’s Best Products

Here at The Chimney Guy, we have extensive experience repairing and parging smoke chambers smooth. Our team is National Fireplace Institute- and Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified and has the expertise and knowledge to repair and restore your smoke chamber fast. We use the best products in the industry – Smoktite and Chamber-Tech 2000 – to give new life to smoke chambers throughout the greater Green Bay area.

Smoktite is a ceramic product that is applied to the smoke chamber to provide a smooth, sealed, insulated surface. This durable and effective sprayed-on product can take the abuse of temperatures up to 2291 degrees F, and won’t be damaged by acid, vapor, and water. And since it’s sprayed on and doesn’t require the removal of any components (like the damper), repairs are fast and affordable.

Chamber-Tech 2000 is an insulating refractory mortar that can take rough, corbeled smoke chambers and transform them into smooth and effective smoke chambers. Using Chamber-Tech 2000, our team will parge your smoke chamber smooth, boosting its strength, safety, and efficiency, and bringing your smoke chamber up to code with one cost-effective product.

Is your smoke chamber in need of repair? Our expert team can determine which product will best address your smoke chamber needs and make the repairs fast and professionally. Request an appointment to have your smoke chamber inspected and repaired today – call The Chimney Guy at 920-830-1920 or fill out our online appointment request form!

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