Keep Your Chimney Dry & Protected With Expert Flashing Repairs

Have water-damaged ceilings and walls near your fireplace left you panicky and wondering how you’ll swing a new roof? We have good news – it’s possible your roof isn’t the problem! Many times when water damage presents itself near the chimney, the chimney flashing is actually the issue – and a flashing fix is much more affordable than a new roof!

What’s The Problem?

The points where your chimney juts out of your roof leave openings where water can easily enter the home and cause damage. Flashing simply refers to the sheets of metal that are placed in layers at these points to close off the area and prevent water from entering. Flashing should unite the roof and chimney and protect them as a unit. For this reason, flashing needs to be flat and strategically layered so that water can’t sneak under or past any of the metal sheets.

Before and after flashing repair
Before and after chimney flashing work

Unfortunately, we’ve seen some botched flashing jobs that simply don’t stand up to the weather. In some cases the flashing isn’t properly layered, while in others it is raised or features peaks and valleys that can allow water to access the home or puddle atop the flashing and cause rust and corrosion. Additionally, strong winds and other external factors can cause damage to or raise flashing, allowing water to enter.

Is Your Flashing To Blame? Let Us Help!

Have you had your chimney’s flashing inspected by a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified professional? The experienced technicians at The Chimney Guy can get up there and take a look at your flashing and let you know whether water is making its way in due to poor installation or damage.

If your flashing simply needs a little extra water protection, we can use FlashSeal, which is a protective, water-resistant sealant specifically designed for use on flashing. If your flashing needs repair or needs to be replaced altogether, we can help with that as well. We pride ourselves on expert and effective flashing installation and repair and stand behind our work.

Traditionally, flashing is made from stainless steel, copper, or galvanized metal. Although all three options can provide protection, if you want long-term protection you’ll want to choose stainless steel or copper. Galvanized metal is susceptible to rust and corrosion while stainless steel and copper can stand up to moisture, season after season.

Before and after flashing repair on peak of roof no more leaks

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