Prevent Chimney Leaks & Keep Your Chimney’s Masonry Looking Great With ChimneySaver Chimney Waterproofing

The brick and mortar that makes up your chimney stack is tough and able to stand strong, rain after rain, snow after snow. But over time, the almost constant exposure to moisture and the rising and falling temperatures can start to deteriorate even the toughest masonry. You may start seeing cracks in the mortar or along the brick of your chimney stack, as well as spalling or crumbling brick, holes, gaps, discolored brick, vegetation growth, and receding mortar joints.

This type of damage and deterioration can alter the beautiful appearance of your chimney’s masonry, but it can also cause your masonry to weaken and allow water into your home and chimney system.

If your chimney’s masonry has begun to deteriorate, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified team here at The Chimney Guy can make repairs quickly and effectively, leaving you with beautiful, strong, protected masonry. But one thing we highly recommend for keeping your masonry protected and beautiful long-term is professional chimney waterproofing.

ChimneySaver – The Industry’s Most Trusted Masonry Waterproofing Product

Using the industry’s leading and most trusted masonry waterproofing product, ChimneySaver® water-repellent, we can offer your masonry additional protection that successfully reduces water penetration by 99.9 percent for 10 years. This amazing water repellent is 100% vapor-permeable, which makes it different from many sealers and other “waterproofing” options out there. As a vapor-permeable product, any vapor and moisture already in the brick and mortar can still escape after the product is applied, which helps safeguard against further moisture damage within the masonry.   

ChimneySaver® is available in both water-based and solvent-based formulas, and won’t leave a sheen or otherwise change the look of your masonry. The product is actually absorbed into the masonry instead of resting on top, and offers protection against these:

  • Stains & Efflorescence
  • Mildew & Fungus
  • Freeze/Thaw Cycles

We all want to avoid leaks and prolong the beauty and service life of our chimney’s masonry, and now, thanks to ChimneySaver®, we can! It’s well worth the investment and will provide your chimney with invisible, yet effective, protection.

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