Have A Chimney Leak? The Chimney Guy Can Help!

The dripping of water is a devastating sound when it comes to your chimney. The questions start almost immediately: How is water getting in? Where is it getting in? How can I stop it? What damage has the chimney leak already caused? If a chimney leak has you feeling panicked and asking these questions, take a deep breath and give The Chimney Guy a call.

For 20 years, the master sweeps here at The Chimney Guy have been pinpointing and resolving chimney leaks for our neighbors in Green Bay, Oshkosh, New London, Appleton, and the neighboring communities. We’re expert troubleshooters and pride ourselves on quickly identifying where water is getting in, how it’s getting in, what damage has been done, and what needs to be done to promptly repair the system and keep water out for good.

Where Do Leaks Typically Spring Up & What Can Be Done?

In our 20 years of experience, we’ve seen chimney leaks spring up from the same areas, again and again, so we know where to look when a customer has a water problem. We start by checking the crown, the flashing, the masonry, and the cap, which are the most common culprits where water is involved. Perhaps the chimney crown doesn’t have proper overhang or has developed a large crack that is allowing water in. In that case, we will simply need to repair or rebuild the crown. Maybe the chimney cap blew off during a storm and is no longer offering the flue protection against rain. If this is the cause of a chimney leak, installing a new, high-quality chimney cap should eradicate the problem.

But in many cases, we find that the metal flashing that unites the roof and chimney where they intersect has been poorly installed or damaged, allowing water to slip between or pool on top of layers and rust through. Because the area where the chimney exits the roof is so vulnerable without quality flashing, poorly installed or damaged flashing can lead to serious water problems. If your flashing is to blame for your leak, our team of experts will promptly reflash your chimney or make the needed repairs to your existing flashing and put a stop to the leak. We can also use FlashSeal to provide added water protection and help prevent rust and corrosion.

If moisture damage has occurred to the masonry itself, we have the tools, experience, training, and expertise to replace brick and pack fresh mortar joints. We also offer professional chimney waterproofing services using ChimneySaver® water-repellent, which is proven to prevent water intrusion by 99.9% and carries a 10-year warranty. Find out more about how this product works here. 

Of course, if water has damaged the chimney liner, the smoke chamber, the damper, or the firebox, we can take care of those repairs as well.

Chimney with masonry issue leaking through large crack
Repaired chimney with new crown and cap no more leaks

Don’t Panic – Call The Chimney Guy

If you think you may have a chimney leak, don’t panic! Instead, call the team of Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney professionals at The Chimney Guy. We’ll hit the ground running and get right to work locating and resolving your water problems to minimize damage and give you peace of mind! Call us today at 920-830-1920 or fill out our online appointment request form to have a professional resolve your chimney leak today!

It’s important for your chimney lining to be in good repair, free of cracks, gaps or holes. Call on our chimney repair professionals to make sure your liner is working at peak efficiency.