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The firebox of your fireplace is right in the heart of it all, hosting the fire itself and taking all the abuse that the fire throws at it, year after year. Naturally, this area of the fireplace is going to be exposed to the highest temperatures and the most abusive byproducts of combustion, which is why no ordinary brick and mortar is used during its construction. Instead, the firebox is constructed from firebrick and refractory mortar, both designed to take the highest temperatures unfazed and radiate heat back into the home.

Are There Cracks & Holes Throughout Your Firebox?

Although firebrick and refractory mortar are stronger than traditional brick and mortar, they can still undergo damage and need replacing. You may start to notice cracks in the brick or holes and gaps in the mortar of your firebox, which can be unsightly, yes, but also dangerous.

Before and after firebox rebuild before looks very dated

As the host of the fire, the firebox contains incredibly high temperatures, hot ash, flying sparks, and gases like carbon monoxide. When everything is in great condition and working properly, these things are escorted up the chimney so they can exit the home – but when holes and cracks are present in the firebox, trouble can arise. High heat, sparks, and toxic gases can enter those cracks and holes, igniting nearby combustibles (like wall framing or insulation) or polluting the air supply. That’s why it’s imperative that any damage in the firebox be promptly repaired – and we’re the team to do it!

Fireplace renovation before looks dated and after really brightens the room

From Repairs To A Whole New Look – We Can Restore Your Firebox

The Chimney Guy has 20 years of experience rebuilding and renovating fireboxes throughout the Oshkosh area, and can restore your firebox so it can do its job safely and effectively. Whether you simply need a wall replaced, you need the refractory mortar joints of your firebox sealed and repaired, or you’d like us to give your firebox a whole new, more decorative look, our team can get the job done right. Whether we’re starting from scratch and rebuilding you a brand new firebox or renovating your existing firebox, we guarantee beautiful, durable, mess-free work. We’re expert masons and use the highest quality firebrick and refractory mortar to ensure that our neighbors get the best results possible.

Don’t leave your firebox riddled with cracks and holes – let us help! We’ll make sure your firebox is as beautiful and effective as it should be. Call us at 920-830-1920 or fill out our online appointment request form today to have your firebox inspected and rebuilt or repaired by a team of experienced and certified professionals!

Let us restore your masonry to its former good looks with our expert tuckpointing work. This is one chimney repair service you’ll want to leave to the pros.