We Repair & Replace Dampers For Cozier, More Comfortable Homes & Reduced Utilities

We all do it – we pull the chain or turn the handle to open the damper when we start a fire. It’s second nature. But what happens when the damper doesn’t respond? What happens when creosote buildup or rust renders it immobile? What happens when the damper breaks?

Even though it’s a relatively small part of your home, your chimney damper can largely determine the comfort and enjoyment you have while in your home. If the damper is stuck in the closed position, you can forget about enjoying a nice fireside experience and instead say hello to a face full of smoke. Why? with a closed damper, there’s no way for the smoke and byproducts produced by the fire to exit the chimney, which means they’ll be forced to flow back into your air supply. This is why the damper is one of the first things we check when we’re troubleshooting a smoking chimney.

What if a damper won’t close? A cold burst of air is the last thing you want coming into your home during the dead of winter. And when summer hits, you certainly don’t want your conditioned air leaving your home. But both scenarios can be common occurrences if your damper is broken or stuck in the open position. Without a functioning damper, you simply won’t be able to close off the flue and keep conditioned air in and cold air out.

Top closing chimney damper

Is Your Damper In Need Of Repair? Let Us Help!

If you think your throat damper may be damaged or broken, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified and experienced technicians at The Chimney Guy can help resolve your issues. We’ll inspect your chimney system and evaluate the condition of your damper to determine what needs to be done. We specialize in damper repair and can work to restore your system so you can get back to enjoying a cozier, more comfortable home, fast.

We Sell & Install Chim-a-lator Top-Closing Dampers

If our findings reveal that your damper is rusted out or damaged beyond repair, we can replace your damper with a new Chim-a-lator top-sealing or top-closing damper. Chim-a-lator top-closing dampers are popular options for those in need of a replacement damper because, unlike traditional throat dampers, they seal at the very top of the flue. This means they provide added protection (against water damage and animal intrusion) for the flue and serve as both a cap and a damper. But like a throat damper, top-closing dampers are easy to use – simply use the handle in the firebox to adjust the draft. To learn more about Chim-a-lator top-closing dampers, click here.

Know Your Damper – Request Your Inspection!

Have you had your chimney inspected this year? A professional inspection can provide an accurate assessment of your chimney’s health and let you know when your damper is in need of repair or replacement. Request your inspection today with a team of local professionals you can trust! Call 920-830-1920 or fill out our online appointment request form today!

Our chimney repair crews can do complete firebox rebuilds or repairs to make sure your fireplace is working at maximum safety and efficiency.