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As chimney professionals with 20 years of industry experience, we’ve seen it all and been called upon to resolve a lot of issues for our neighbors in Green Bay, Oshkosh, and countless other nearby communities in the Fox Valley. We’ve identified which areas of the chimney tend to develop damage first and we know which areas tend to be poorly designed and installed by “professionals” in the field – and the chimney crown is one of these areas.

Before and after chimney repairs before the crown appears to be melting down the chimney

The crown is the slab that closes off the chimney stack at its very top. There are many factors that determine the effectiveness and longevity of the chimney crown, including the following:

Material Choice – A quality, well-built chimney crown will be made of concrete, which is the material best suited to take the abuse of the rain, snow, sleet, and sun. Unfortunately, for convenience and cost-effectiveness, many builders will use mortar to construct chimney crowns – and although tough, mortar will deteriorate and wear away much faster than concrete.

Design – The goal of the crown is to shield the chimney from water and direct the water down and away from the chimney stack. In order to do this, the chimney crown needs to be slightly angled (to discourage water and snow from pooling), and should extend beyond the stack of the chimney. If a crown has a proper drip edge that extends a few inches past the chimney stack, any water that runs off of the crown will be directed past the masonry stack and the flashing below. If you want to prevent chimney leaks, protect your masonry, and keep your flashing in great condition, a proper drip edge is imperative.

Even though concrete is tough and a properly designed crown can last far longer than an improperly designed crown, making sure the crown is at least 3 inches thick at its thinnest point can also help prevent deterioration and keep water problems at bay. Anything thinner can start to wear away when exposed to moisture time and again.

before and after crown repair

We Build Custom Crowns That Last & Last, Providing Years Of Protection

If your chimney crown was poorly constructed and is ineffective at keeping moisture out of your masonry, flashing, and home, you may need to have a new custom crown built in its place. If you’re in need of a new chimney crown, let our experienced and skilled technicians tackle the job for you. Here at The Chimney Guy, we pride ourselves on designing and building custom crowns that offer superior protection for years. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results!

Need Crown Repairs Or Additional Water Protection? We Can Help!

Simply need to have a few hairline cracks repaired? Looking to add some water protection to your crown? We can take care of that as well! We can repair cracks and use CrownCoat sealant, a ChimneySaver® product, to give your chimney crown the added protection of a waterproof membrane. ChimneySaver’s CrownCoat is a permanently flexible product that expands and contracts with the crown to prevent cracks and gaps from forming and growing. This brush-on product is eco-friendly and brings 15 years of quality protection when professionally applied.

To learn more about our crown repair, rebuild, and waterproofing services or to schedule an appointment to have your crown taken care of, give The Chimney Guy a call at 920-830-1920 or click here!

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