Is It Time For A Chimney Relining?

It’s easy to forget about your chimney and fireplace until the first chill of the season fills the air and you start thinking about how nice it would be to warm up in front of the fireplace. But will your chimney be ready for a fire when you get the urge to cozy up by the fireside? Scheduling your annual chimney inspection is the first step in assuring your chimney is good to go this winter. When the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified team of chimney professionals at The Chimney Guy inspect your chimney, you’ll know whether or not you need to schedule a sweeping or have any repairs made before the first fire of the season.

Schedule your chimner inspection - liner image looking up the chimney
One of the most vital parts of the system that we check is the chimney flue. The flue is what guides smoke and byproducts on their journey up and out of your home and contains the extreme temperatures of the fire, preventing contact with nearby combustibles. For maximum safety and efficiency, it’s imperative that all chimneys be properly lined (typically with stainless steel or clay tiles), but not all chimneys are lined. In fact, for years it was standard practice to install chimneys without liners. Even if a chimney is lined, it’s not uncommon for damage to occur over time, leaving gaps, cracks, and openings that reduce safety and efficiency levels.

We Reline With The Industry’s Best Products & Systems

If an inspection shows damage along your chimney liner or reveals your chimney is missing a liner altogether, The Chimney Guy can help. We repair, restore, and reline chimneys using high-quality, reliable, and effective options that have proven effective again and again:

  • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel liners from HomeSaver carry a Lifetime Warranty and provide a smooth, strong surface that can safely and effectively vent all fuels, including oil, gas, wood, pellet, and coal. If your liner is missing or damaged, or if you need to resize your flue or your existing liner is not approved for use with your fuel type, stainless steel is likely your best and most cost-effective option. Find out more here.
Chimney to be relined we use Heatshield and stainless steel liners
  • HeatShield® – When your clay tile liner is damaged, HeatShield®’s cerfractory flue sealant may be your best bet. HeatShield® offers three separate flue restoration options ranging from joint repair to a full sleeve reline. To learn more about this revolutionary flue restoration product and how it may be able to resolve your flue problems, click here.

We also work with TherMix, which is an insulating product and sealant used to seal cracks and boost the thermal protection of a chimney liner.

Discuss Your Relining Options With An Education & Certified Professional Today

Whether you’re missing a flue liner, your flue liner is damaged, or you need to resize your flue, give The Chimney Guy a call at 920-830-1920. We can discuss your options with you and help you determine what the best decision is for your situation. Call us today or click here and learn why we’re Green Bay’s trusted local chimney professionals!

If your chimney isn’t doing an efficient job of getting smoke and fireplace gases out of your home, you may need to have the smoke chamber repaired. Our chimney repair technicians are just a phone call away!