We’ll Remove Stubborn Creosote & Leave Your Chimney Clean

Maybe you let a couple of years pass without having your chimney swept? Maybe your chimney is inefficient or you’ve been burning unseasoned wood? Whatever has caused excessive creosote to build up within your chimney system and along your flue, The Chimney Guy is here to help. We specialize in creosote removal and have the tools, techniques, and products to safely and effectively remove this stubborn, flammable substance so you can enjoy a safer, cleaner, more efficient fire.

What Is Creosote & How Did It Get There?

First things first: what is creosote and what causes it to build up? Creosote is a hard, highly flammable substance, typically sticky or glazed in texture, that is created as a result of incomplete combustion. If the smoke and byproducts created by the fire don’t exit the chimney swiftly enough, they can cool and settle along the walls of the chimney in the form of creosote.

As creosote settles and builds up in layers with each fire, it can become harder and harder to remove, and greatly reduce the draft, effectiveness, and safety of the chimney system. Here are some of the most common causes of creosote buildup:

  • Burning unseasoned wood
  • Improper draft or flue size
  • Chimney blockages
Nasty creosote in chimney looks like thick gooey oil
Another photo of creosote buildup in chimney

How Is Creosote Removed?

Creosote is typically very difficult to remove, and will not simply come loose with standard chimney sweeping brushes. In these situations, we use Cre-Away to eliminate the problem.

Cre-Away is a product designed by ChimneySaver®, a company known for leading the industry in chimney protection and innovative care products. This powder product works to effectively change the composition of glazed (or third-degree) creosote so it can be safely removed.

Because creosote is acidic, it can corrode metal, including the metal liner of your chimney or metal components like the damper. Cre-Away starts by neutralizing this acidity. Cre-Away eliminates any moisture or oil within the creosote and a combustion inhibitor in Cre-Away reduces its combustible properties. When the flue is heated by the fire, a magnesium catalyst changes the makeup of the creosote so it will no longer stick to the flue and can be easily removed. The product also works to eliminate creosote related odors.

Nasty creosote damage in smelly chimney makes it unsafe

Request An Appointment To Have Your Creosote Removed Today

If creosote is destroying the metal within your chimney system, smelling up your home, and making your chimney unsafe and inefficient, let The Chimney Guy help. Call us at 920-830-1920 or fill out our online appointment request form and we’ll get that stubborn creosote out of your system!

A regular chimney sweeping will help you avoid fire or smoke hazards from your chimney. Ask us for more information about all our chimney and fireplace services today.