Have You Had A Chimney Fire? Know The Damage You’re Dealing With – Schedule A Thorough Fire Inspection

A chimney fire can have devastating and dangerous – yet invisible to the naked eye – effects on the chimney system and greatly reduce its safety and efficiency. If you’ve experienced a chimney fire in your home, don’t just go about business as usual – instead, call on The Chimney Guy.

Our experienced, trained, and knowledgeable chimney experts can evaluate your chimney and perform a thorough and informative fire inspection. We have the tools and techniques to look inside of your chimney flue and check for any damage that the chimney fire may have caused so you know what needs to be done. We use state-of-the-art video inspection technology to get inside of your chimney flue and get a closeup look at the damage. Our team is Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)- and National Fireplace Institute (NFI)-certified and knows what to look for and how to resolve safety and efficiency issues fast and effectively so you can get back to enjoying your fireplace or stove.

After a chimney fire always have an inspection

We Provide Detailed Reports & Expert Recommendations For Moving Forward

When you have your fire inspection performed by The Chimney Guy, you’ll receive photos of our findings, as well as our notes and recommendations on how to move forward to ensure a safer, more relaxing fireside experience. Whether glazed creosote is to blame, or the fire resulted from a bird’s nest or other flue blockage, we’ll get to the bottom of it and let you know what repairs are needed and what can be done to prevent issues in the future. And since our team is experienced in all aspects of chimney care, maintenance, and repair, whatever you need to restore your chimney and reduce your risk of chimney fire, you can count on us to take care of it for you.

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Have you experienced a chimney fire in your home? Don’t use your fireplace or stove without giving The Chimney Guy a call at 920-830-1920. We’ll inspect your chimney system from top to bottom, pinpoint issues of weakness or damage, identify fire safety concerns and the cause of the chimney fire, and take care of repairs. Every step of the way, The Chimney Guy is here for you. Call or fill out our online appointment request form today!

Before you buy or sell a home, schedule a real estate inspection of the chimney to be sure there are no problems with the system. Don’t overlook this important chimney inspection.