Colder weather has set in and that means it is time to think about firing up your fireplace or stove. However, before you start a fire, you need to make sure  your stove is going to be safe for use. This means hiring a professional chimney sweep come check out your ventilation, masonry, and other components of your chimney and heating appliances.

Fall and winter is a busy time of the year for chimney sweeps. This means that it can be hard to schedule an appointment, or get a time slot that works for your schedule. However, if you’re calling around to find a company that work with your schedule, be cautious about who you hire. Some chimney sweeps are non-professionals who are trying to make quick money during the busy season. These companies are dangerous, as they rush through the job. They don’t provide a full professional inspection, and they often take advantage you by charging more. It is intimidating trying to find a good quality chimney sweep, but at The Chimney Guy, we want to give you some tips on finding qualified and experienced chimney sweeps.

CSIA Certification

CSIA certification badgeThe most important thing you need to do when hiring a chimney sweep is to make sure they are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). A CSIA certified chimney sweep has gone through rigorous training related to performing quality work, with the safety of your family in mind. Once they’ve are finished with training, they are tested periodically to retain this certification. A CSIA certification tells you that a chimney sweep is capable, honest and will perform work with the safety of your family as a priority.

At The Chimney Guy, we want you to have the best chimney inspection and maintenance experience. That’s why all our team members are CSIA certified. To determine if your chimney sweep is CSIA certified, use the CSIA certification search tool on the CSIA website.

Other questions you should ask

Before you hire a chimney sweep, you should always ask for references. A good chimney sweep should be able to provide you with a list of satisfied customers. You can also check references on trusted review platforms like Google. You should also make sure that the company you hire carries a valid business liability insurance policy to protect your home against accidents.

If you live in Green Bay or the Fox Valley region, The Chimney Guy is the number one chimney sweep in the area. Although we are starting to get busy, we still have appointment slots and will try to work with your schedule. Hire the best, and call The Chimney Guy today at (920) 830-1920, or schedule an appointment online with one of our expert chimney sweeps today!