Your chimney is, essentially, a passageway from inside of your home to the outside. This is necessary for letting hot air, smoke, and gases quickly exit your home. Although your chimney is essential to safe fireplace operation, it can also expose the inside of your home to the outdoors. Without some sort of protective barrier, animals, debris, and precipitation can easily enter your chimney system, leading to all sorts of havoc. We chimney caphere at The Chimney Guy want to help protect your chimney system with a brand new chimney cap. A chimney cap can save you time, money, and headaches while helping to keep your home and family safe.


Some people think that keeping their throat damper closed is enough to protect their home from anything that may try to get into your home. However, although your damper may protect your fireplace from some moisture and debris, it still doesn’t protect your whole chimney system. There are a couple of things that homeowners need to be aware of when it comes to protecting your chimney from the outdoors. First of all, moisture is the number one enemy of your chimney masonry. Water from rain, sleet, and snow can settle inside tiny pores of your masonry and erode it from the inside out. Furthermore, if moisture is allowed to get inside your chimney, it can mix with creosote creating a dilution that is highly acidic. This acidic mixture will further hasten erosion on the inside of your chimney. In addition to this, it also creates an unpleasant odor. Other moisture-related issues include rusting, rotting woodwork, and masonry stains.

If left open to the outdoors, leaves and small branches can easily enter your chimney. Animals may also try to use your chimney opening place to build a nest. Your chimney also creates a nice protected place for rodents and birds to build a home for themselves. This chimney debris may restrict your chimney system’s airflow, which can lead to poor fires, allows smoke flow back into your home, and can also combust, leading to a chimney fire.

Avoiding Exposure

The best way to protect your chimney from things like moisture, animals, and debris is to block access to your chimney opening altogether. This can be done by installing a chimney cap. A chimney cap is often considered a chimney’s first line of defense against the outdoors. A chimney cap consists of a metal cover (or cap) that sets on top of a mesh cage that sets over your chimney opening. The cover prevents precipitation from falling directly into your chimney and the mesh cage allows smoke, heat, and gasses to exit your home while keeping nature out. We here at The Chimney Guy are experts in chimney cap installation and maintenance. Let one of our experienced chimney technicians help protect your home today.

Because of its exposed location, your chimney cap is vulnerable to wind, animal, and weather damage, so it is also essential to inspect your chimney cap for damage periodically. If you need a chimney cap installation or inspection, don’t hesitate to call Green Bay and the Fox Valley’s number one chimney sweep, The Chimney Guy, at 920-830-1920. You can also schedule an appointment online to have your chimney cap installed or maintained. We look forward to serving you!